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Chromium 3


Chromium is a transparent white metal, no need to grinding so often, friction at surface is low. Besides, outstanding point from another plating is strengthness and able to anti-rusty.

Plating methodcould be seperated into 2 types, which are, hard Chrome and beauty Chrome Chromium Plating usually use in Automobile industry where need anti-scratch,heat, and rusty parts.Moreover, Chromium Plating could make surface of parts beautiful, so it is often used in decorate works such as furniture.

Do you know chromium plating technology
At the present has a problem with RoHS
Did you know by 1st July 2006 Chrome 6 is no longer permitted by the RoHS. However we have a next level
chromium plating technology that can support this.

We got one for you. It is trivalent chromium.
What trivalent chromium benefits?
Substitution of carcinogenic Hexavalent Chromium
Chromium3 is agreed by RoHS
Improved Operator Safety
Attractive Light Colored Deposit
Chrome3 doesn't give user a cancer.
Caring for our world environment.

Be aware. most people misunderstood between Chromium3 and Zinc Chromate3. Chromium3 is a plating
process, the surface will be shining and blinking. While Zine Chromate3 is passivate process. And the price is totally different.