Zinc Chromium Nikel Copper Silver Black nikel

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Nickel israthergood rusty and corrosive resistant

in addition, it could make plated part beautiful, strong, corrosive protection, and fix broken parts. That's because Nickel has high strengthness, luster surface, and no alert for chemical reaction. Therefore, it makes part able to corrosive protection which caused by chemical reaction. Nickel is appropriate for plating electronic parts

Our company could separate plating form as follows;

Nickel. Plating for corrosive protection

Black Nickel. Black color. Its outstanding property is can decorate part surface luster black,including no reflection. However, no information about corrosive protection, so it's appropriatefor decorating work such as glasses or gun.

Nickel Satin. Luster color like silver or pearl. Rusty and corrosive resistance properties are sameas Nickel but less reflective. It's appropriate for decorate works.

EN type Nickel Plating means plating without electricity. It's appropriate for works that need samethickness of nickel layer throughout the parts. It's because chemical in solvent could infiltrateto everywhere of part, while thickness of nickel layer from plating with electricity is not smooth.

However, EN type nickel plating also has weak point, that is, Luster and beauty of surface is not as well as plating with electricity. Our company pleased to plating both Racking system for big parts and Barrel system for small parts.